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Café view from serving counter towards entrance
The _Fixins_ hutch- straws, lids, sugars and more
Merchandise hutch - coffee scoops, whole beans, mugs and 1803 Candles products_
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Monday - Friday 7a-1p
Sat & Sun 8a-4p

Last update 12/08/2021

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My Grandma Buettner, Stella Mae, was a strong, loving, intelligent, Christian woman. She took care of me and my brothers when my mom was at work. 

My whole family (aunts, uncles and cousins) went to my Grandma's every Sunday for dinner. The kitchen smelled so good, when she would make dumplins' she would roll out the dough on her Housier cabinet. (pictured here)

Do you have a special food or memory that makes you feel good. I have a comfort sound, when the whole family- including the cousins from Iowa, would be here for the Holidays, the "grown ups" would play pinnacle at the big kitchen table and us kids were in the living room watching TV. The aunts and uncles would just talk and laugh, That's my favorite sound.


Grandma's Kitchen
Roasted Coffee


We have 2 types of in-house roasted coffee available. They are sold in 12 ounce, whole bean, resealable bags. Free grinding is also available. Supremo is our Columbian beans and the Sumatra is from Indonesia.